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Thijs Hovers is an investment professional

February 07, 2014

Thijs Hovers is an investment professional who has been working in the financial field for many years. He has worked for a number of different companies over the years, in a variety of positions, but he has a demonstrated skill with financial investments. Currently, Thijs Hovers is a partner with Lucerne Capital Management, which is a firm that has received increasing amounts of attention as of late because of its successful investment management strategies and outcomes. Thijs Hovers works at Lucerne Capital management as the Senior Investment Analyst, which meas that he plays a vital role in determining how to manage clients' investments. Prior to working at Lucerne Capital Management, Thijs Hovers was working with ABN AMRO as the Head of Small-Cap Equity Research. Prior to holding that position, Thijs Hovers was working as a Senior Analyst with a company called Rabobank. Thijs Hovers received his degree from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he was an Economics major. He would later obtain a Masters of Arts in International Finance from the University of Amsterdam as well.

A big part of Thijs Hovers' job is to protect the investments of Lucerne Capital Management's clients. Lucerne Capital Management embraces a longer term investment strategy which seeks to minimize the clients' risk. By protecting their initial investment and seeking annualized, long-term returns, instead of playing the market for immediate gains, Lucerne Capital Management is ensuring financial stability. Thijs Hovers plays an integral role in this overall investment strategy as the Senior Investment Analyst.